Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a co-working, if working at home is cheaper?
Because in this kind of space you will find an atmosphere more conducive to business than at home and you will generate new business opportunities.
The packs offered do not suit my needs.
That’s not a problem. We have standard solutions, but we can adapt our offer to your specific needs.
Can I leave my stuff at the co-working space?
Full-time coworkers can personalize their workstation. The rest of coworkers, depending on their needs, can choose among common shelves, personal bucks or lockers for confidential documents.
Does Alpha Espai focus on any specific activity?
No, it does not. At Alpha Espai, unlike other Co-working spaces that seek professionals from a specific sector, we want to work with people from different economic sectors  and professions, thereby enhancing and expanding the professional network needed to find and carry out complex projects that require people with different skills and knowledge.

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