Following these paths you can get to a place where people talk,
listen and where you can bring value to others.


A place where problems are not fed and challenges are not magnified, but new options searched.


A corner where ideas are cooked up but, as with good cuisine, must also be left to rest.


A planet where people try and write the future, rather than trying to predict it.


The work of future
Innovation in a society based on knowledge
A new working method

Participate in our events

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Access to our Space

Two full-time days every month

Access to meeting rooms

Coworker price for rental of meeting rooms

Paid events

Discounts on any activity or event promoted by Alpha Espai

Web presence

Your logo included on Alpha Club, linked to your site or social network

Alpha Consulting

Business consulting with the Alpha Espai team. Two sessions per year (1 per semester)

Working stations

Alpha Room

Espai Room

Entrepreneur Room


Alpha Espai is located at the 22@ District of Barcelona. Several meeting rooms are available to you.


If you decide to start a business adventure or a new project

Alpha Consulting Group

We perform and detailed and customized analysis of your business. We help you with your business plan


If you have questions, here you will find the answers. Do not hesitate to contact us.