Working as a community

One more time the idea and concept of Coworking is on front page as plenty of press and  media has been echoed of the 1rst Catalunya Coworking Day (Organised by COWOCAT and Coworking Tona), where Alpha Espai Coworking enjoyed a main role with the participation and engagement of our coworkers boosting a variety of workshops and as a association’s organising member.

In  the article published by El Periodico, signed by Carme Jané (13/5/2015) it reflects the maturity of the concept in the city of Barcelona. In the interview with the journalist, which for obvious reasons does not fit in the whole article, we talk about how nowadays the concept gets a consolidation becoming a reference in Barcelona and the rest of Catalunya, adding a great value.

On my behalf, representing Cowocat in the press, sharing the article with some of the most valued spaces in Barcelona, reinforces our idea at Alpha Espai Coworking where we believe that the sum of communities generates positivism and evolution within the sector, making the coworking a reference as innovation and a new way of working, obtaining a main role inside the knowledge society and  also in generating and recovering lost forgotten values on making things happen.