Photographic workshop “PINKHASSOV IN BARCELONA”

From 23 to October 29, 2015, we welcomed in ALPHA ESPAI, photographic workshop “PINKHASSOV BARCELONA WORKSHOP”.

For a few days we have been the link between #creativity, #diversity, #collaboration and #Barcelona.

We are #coworking.

Thanks to participants coming from different parts of the world, to Gueorgui Pinkhassov and Magnum Photos, and the organizers, Marc, Cesc and especially to our fellow coworking, Sílvia Pombo.


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Young entrepreneurs

What do they think about at 15 years old? Maybe many of them base themselves in the example they have at home, but it´s also society´s responsibility to foster and promote the entrepreneurial spirit in young people.

It´s fundamental to open the mind of the youth to the possibility of choosing a professional future, which is not just one like an employee, to develop the seeds of creativity, innovation and genius that many young people have but many times are pruned by the lack of proper teaching and opportunity to embrace a business career.

To empower the youth with the necessary tools to face the working world and qualify them to reach their objectives within a frame of responsibility and freedom is essential to provide future more consolidated opportunities.

Last July 31st, in Alpha Espai, we welcomed four adolescents from Escola Bell-lloc del Plà, Girona, awarded in both Junior Achievement at national level, as the best international business project and in the Internacional Student Company Festival, as the best little social enterprise, with the project SCHOOL GO. This is a solution, which through a mobile app, helps parents and kids in their trip to schools and extracurricular activity centers and which supposes a great social impact as regards mobility and environmental improvement in the nearabout.

For now, Marc, Genís, David and Joan ( ), enjoy the fortune of having teachers with restlessness as successful referents. Moreover they also relish on their family and friends, who encourage and boost them to go on with their initiatives and indulge in all this learning that the entrepreneurship proposes, which is already a huge award in itself.