Alpha Consulting Group


DIGITAL FRACKING is a franchised method  to ALPHA CONSULTING GROUP exclusively.

Globalization can be a serious risk to the companys that does not find its global strength in the adpation and  offering new solutions to the needs of a consumer / citizen more sophisticated and informed.

Therefore, the company must receive a genuine proposal according to his personality and cultural values.

The proposal stems from a triple evidence:

  1. The company is DIGITAL or not.
  2. The marketing of the third millennium is the COLLABORATIVE marketing.
  3. The proposal of the company has to bring out its HIDDEN and GENUINE values.

Therefore, FRACKING DIGITAL, serves as merger solutions and allows us to generate a good training in applying ICT, business management and innovative business strategies.

Why FRACKING? Fracking is a technology to extract energy from  our basement. Each company extract the  competitive advantage that makes it different from the others.

Why DIGITAL? The fracking uses physical systems to obtain results, we turn to digital techniques to extract, stimulate and capitalize on our competitive advantage.


A result of Fracking Digital concept, fracking business offer or complement to seek those energy exchanges inside ur own company.

In FRACKING BUSINESS, we turn to business techniques, operational and structural, as in the FRACKING DIGITAL, we can draw and get profit all own potential and competitive advantage from the hole business organitzation.

Knowledge is one of the most valuable resources for any business, how to generate faster, to transfer and share it, is a key point to reach our main goals.