ALPHA ESPAI Coworking: One year of community

In my first personal post, as the driving force that manages this space, I will relate the importance of our first year of operation.

I started reading about the coworking concept when I was still working as a senior executive in a multinational company. Then, I realized that the company strong growth had resulted in a change of models and values in the organizational system, which prevented me from developing my work in the way I wished.

My first perception of coworking transcended the idea of a physical space. Instead of this, I was trapped by the concept of working in a community where the different professionals’ knowledge, talents and abilities were shared and allowed a mutual professional growth. All this, linked to a philosophy that was engaged with coherent professional and personal values, and to a social collaborative base.

Taking into account this idea, a year ago, Alpha Espai was born in an almost empty space where ideas and messages did not go outside, until they began to flow out. The aim was, and still is, to create and grow a community based on the idea of the coworking of future.

New coworkers, who love our place, its features and promotional price, slowly arrived at Alpha Espai.  I get the emotion that we feel: We are coworking! We generate opportunities and the differential value is not only a service, but professional growth and, why not, personal growth too. This is what positions us and what appreciate those who follow us. Because our opportunity as a space is not to recreate the current concept of coworking, but to look for the model towards which we can go, given the current circumstances in the world of job opportunities, companies, economies and value chains.

The more clear and direct message is provided by those who are betting on Alpha Espai as the place where they work and their job model for the future. Alpha Espai is strengthened by the coworkers and the entire community´s acknowledgement of its values and its concept.

The future of coworking is linked to the incorporation of a vision that is deeply different from the mere management of a space. In this sense, Cesar Llorente (CesarLlorente), author of the book entitled “Coworking, compartir para crecer (cómo ser coworker)”, gives a comprehensive explanation of the concept. His work includes the intangible values of coworking and explains the necessary steps and attitudes to become a coworker. Some of the people who heard his message are now members of Alpha Espai community. And they are here because the opportunities are coming with our idea. It was our first achievement, it is our first goal.

The community space becomes larger if the Community of communities is created. It can allow an exponential growth of the knowledge of its members and a bigger coworking development. In Catalonia, with a strong associative tradition, COWOCAT (Associació Coworking de Catalunya [@Cowocat]) was born in 2014, including different spaces, each one with its distinctive features. They are sharing ideas and a notion of future to promote a coworking community of international reference.

By Jordi Silvente @jordisilvente

CEO & Co-founder Alpha Espai Coworking / CEO & Co-founder Ugowegotours

Co-founder @Cowocat – Associació Coworking de Catalunya

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