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Club Alpha

The strength of the coworking community. Collaborative philosophy brings us the diversity of knowledge, skills and resources, so we want to add value to those who do not need a fixed or unique work space or environment. From Alpha Espai, we know that sharing communities adds value to any activity that we dedicate ourselves to, so we offer the option of joining ALPHA COMMUNITY and enjoying our skills, opportunities and services with great advantages.

  • € 10 / month (VAT included)
  • Payment in one annual fee


Coworking access

Two days a month of free access in full-time

Web Visibility

Your logo in Alpha Community with link to your website or chosen social network.

Networking Coworkers

Access to our breakfasts, meals or after-hours works among coworkers.

Alpha Consulting / Mentoring

Review your business model with one mentoring session per year. 2-hour session with 2/3 mentors of the Alpha Espai team.

Meeting rooms

You will have the coworker price for renting meeting rooms. 50% discount.

Cowocat advantages

As a member of a community attached to COWOCAT (Associació Coworking de Catalunya).

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