Mentoring & Coworking

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Alpha Espai Coworking provides an added value, built from our experience and professional training as well as our personal values, but also from all our continuous learning and updating process.

Therefore, together with the coworking model, our profile matches in another expertise: mentoring. We launch our personalized product: Mentoring & Coworking.

Mentoring and coworking provides an accurate model focused to accelerate new ideas and business. These tools are strongly related with knowledge and learning.

Our method of work is to submit your project to a thorough review, exposing the dark points with the aim of finding new solutions to ensure project success.

Mentoring & Coworking will also provide connectivity to build a wide networking, and allows to get valuable professional relationships. Promoting interactive thinking with a collaborative spirit that release a perfect atmosphere to create new business ideas.

All these ideas can be summarized in the following key processes:

  • To accelerate the development of the project.
  • To capitalize accumulated knowledge
  • To build links and valuable relationships for, starting from the community, enhance productivityperformance and commitment.
  • To generate a process of change and adaptation to new challenges and goals.

Mentoring & Coworking provides a learning and growth platform from a diversity of generations, cultures, trainnings ans expertises that makes decrease the risk involved in every entrepreneurship project.