Who are we?

Coworking es futuro

At Alpha Espai we believe in networking, in co-working, and in teamwork.

We want to share with you our experience in managing business units, projects, and teams at global companies from different industries.

Besides our experience and knowhow, we share values and a working philosophy we want to apply to support our “co-workers” and their projects.

We will contribute an added value to allow you to work in a sustainable, responsible, and productive way.

We are great believers in of individual capacity, and collective development, of synergies, empathies, and added value.

We are Co-working.

I think it is time to consolidate new business models. The co-working model captivated me a few years ago and now I have the opportunity to manage my own space, to keep growing and supporting people and teams. Networking and teamwork is how I perform in my life, that’s why I really believe in co-working. All three co-founders share values professionally and personally and we want to apply them in our daily performance.

Jordi Silvente

Co-Founder, Alpha Esp


When Jordi suggested the idea to me, I thought about how all my experience could contribute to this Project. Being used to working in teams, and having collaborated in creating value, I didn’t doubt for a moment to help in starting up the project and to be part of this team. Alpha Espai will allow growth and a new way to work. Maybe, along with other co-working spaces, we might promote a social change in the world of work.


Co-Founder, Alpha Espai